Welcome to my cooking blog ♡ I always enjoy cooking/baking & I would like share easy and comfortable recipes.

About Me:
I'm Muneera, Bahraini girl.
I love watching Food Network 24/7.
I like Middle Eastern food.
I hate messy Kitchens.
I don't eat seafood.
I'm a Libra.
I must go to supermarket in every country.
I wish I have a bigger stomach.
I will google you.
I have too many Cookbooks.
Photography is my boyfriend.
I never took cooking courses.
Sometimes I cook with my brothers.
I think Chicken Nuggets are amazing.
I love challenges .
I like flea markets.
I hate Bacon.
I don't like to eat microwaveable food.
Bobby flay is an Awesome man.
I drink tea with milk 3+ times a day.
Machboos is one of my favorite things to eat.
I wish I could live in Williams Sonoma.
I will always love you, Nutella.
I have another blog, Muneera's Diary.
I used to eat fast-food.

Thank you for ready, Have a wonderful day & Enjoy ♡

All photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted.