Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taste of Dubai 2012

I'll let the photos talk .. 

The entrance <3


I went with my mother, the weather was nice and sunny. People were having fun and enjoying the food & the kids were playing with others, tasting the comfy food and eating fresh ice creams.

Beef Steak + Soya Sauce + Roasted Garlic + Nuts = HEAVEN!
(I ate it twice. YUM!)

 The package<3 The famous Fish&Chips. --Ketchup, Ketchup .. 

Grilled Seafood

My mother ate the mini taco salmon and she liked it.

I like the way they presented their indian food.

STEAK with fresh herbs on grill .. and country style!

Cars cake and cupcakes! How cute!

I like their drawers boxes! Vintage style<3!

Flavored Pistachios Bar ..

The sharpest knife, it's not made of steel nor iron! It's made by ceramic! Yes, it won't cut your fingers or hand. Awesome?

It's a cooking class, I wanted to join but it turned out that I have to wait for a long time .. see how crowded it is!

My mother ate a shrimp curry with white sticky rice. SHE LOVES IT!

Knorr spices with vegetables fried rice, (I don't remember) and curry.

Cooking show ..

hand sanitizers is everywhere in the festival.

Before we leave, we ate The FRESH sorbet on real fruit. Delicious.

Taste of dubai was such a joy! Everything was awesome!
I can't wait for next year<3 it's a definitely worth going!
I would like to thank @RTawfiqi for telling me about it!

- All the photographs by Muneera.

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